YouTube – Your “Elevator Pitch” to gaining New Customers!

Why YouTube?

YouTube is a smart investment for your ad spend.

Why? Because it has the ability to reach the right person at the right time, with the right YouTube ad.

The Google-owned platform is a great place to advertise because it allows you to target audiences based on their location and interests, as well as demographic information like age, gender and income.

In fact, according to research by The Media Trust, 55% of consumers go online for product information before making a purchase decision. With this in mind, you can use YouTube ads to connect with potential customers and inform them about your product or service when they’re most likely looking for information on it—before they’re ready to buy.

Not only does YouTube reach a wide audience, it also allows you to target the right person at the right time with the right ad. YouTube is not only an entertainment platform, but also a search engine. By advertising on YouTube, you have access to people who might be looking for your product or service—and they’re already engaged in their search. They’ve clicked on something that’s relevant to your business and are actively searching for more information about it. That’s what makes YouTube so effective: it gives you access to people who are already looking for what you sell.

In addition, research shows that users spend more time watching videos than reading text-based content—which means viewers are more likely to engage with your video ads than click away from them to read a blog post or an article on another site. And because viewers spend so much time watching videos on YouTube, they’re more likely to click through an ad and visit your website than they would be if they were browsing Facebook or scrolling through their News Feeds.

You’ve probably seen the ads on YouTube, but do you really know what makes it such a great platform for advertising?

YouTube is the number one place to reach the right person at the right time. Why? Because YouTube has more than 1.8 billion active users every month, and those users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video each day. Plus, with the ability to target specific audiences and optimize your campaign for maximum ROI, you can reach the individuals most likely to respond to your brand—and get them to invest in it.

Finally, YouTube ads are extremely effective because they’re shown alongside relevant content that users actually want to watch—which means viewers are more likely to click through and engage with your ads.

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for watching videos, and it’s also one of the most searched-for websites in the world. That means that when you advertise on YouTube, you’re reaching millions of users who are actively looking for information about your business—whether they’re searching for your brand or industry terms, or just looking at funny cat videos in their spare time.

You also have the ability to invest in your ad to reach the right people at the right time. You can target based on age, gender, location and more. If you want to reach high school students who live near your college campus, then you can specifically target them with an ad on YouTube and Facebook.

If you want to reach people who are likely to buy from you but haven’t yet taken action yet, then consider targeting those who are engaged with other brands in your industry or category (e.g., travel). This will allow you to show them ads that speak directly to their interests so that they’ll be more likely to click through and convert into customers!

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