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Boards Are Having the Wrong Conversations About Cybersecurity

Boards Are Having the Wrong Conversations About Cybersecurity

posted by aprofitableday May 20, 2023

Boards that struggle with their role in providing oversight for cybersecurity create a security problem for their organizations. Even though boards say cybersecurity is a priority, they have a long way to go to help their organizations become resilient to cyberattacks. And by not focusing on resilience, boards fail their companies. We surveyed 600 board […]

5 Star Google Review are Important to your business

posted by aprofitableday May 19, 2023

Why getting Google Reviews and Turning them into Video’s is so important for promoting your business:   Enhancing Local SEO: Google Reviews might help you rank much higher in local searches. Google takes an elevated amount of favorable reviews as evidence that your company is authentic, well-liked, and trustworthy.   Building Credibility and believe: Consumers […]

Being listed in a Business Search Directory

posted by aprofitableday May 18, 2023

Your small firm’s visibility can be greatly increased by being listed in a business search directory. It functions as an online directory where potential clients can obtain information about your company, boosting the likelihood that more people will visit your website or brick-and-mortar store. Businesses are frequently categorized by their industry, location, or services in […]