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So you have a video advertisement (Hopefully one we did for you) about your business and you want people to see it ?

Well how can you get more people to watch it on their Google or YouTube Search or the network tied into a Google Partner ?

The answer is very simple – purchase YouTube Video ads.  For pennies a few, you can have prospects – soon to be customers – viewing your video. Combined with the NEW YouTube “Cards” feature (An easy way to get customers to come to your web site) it is making your  business easier than ever to bring the correct type of customer to your business.

Building happy customers that patronize your business for many, many years to come….

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So what we do is produce, optimize, upload to YouTube and manage business web videos.  YouTube makes provides the reach and frequency to get your advertising message to your customers/clients.

Reach new customers clients with YouTube Video ads (See above)

  1. Aim your ads by a number of demographics – age
  2. Where available aim your ads – male or female
  3. Choose your location where ad runs City, State, zip code and more.
  4. YouTube has the reach and demographic for your business customers
  5. Reports show where your ads run by state, city etc.


We have several plans to choose from with monthly budget forecast below. We have the power with YouTube Video ads to increase your business sales and reduce advertising costs.



for: $499.95  (per month + $497 One time Set-up)

[ss_product id=’671d4650-ede3-11e4-829c-04012fe20a01′ sku=’3000%20YouTube%20Videos%20with%20Management%20account%20Monthly%20%24499%20and%20%20one%20time%20setup%20%24497′ ]Web Videos with YouTube Platinum 3000 YouTube Video Views with 1000 More FREE Monthly with Report[/ss_product]





$249.95 (Per month + $497 one time set-up)

[ss_product id=’c3171694-ef45-11e4-aeae-04012fe20a01′ sku=’NEW-%201500%20YouTube%20Video%20Views%20and%20Manage%20account%20monthly%20%24249.95%20with%20500%20FREE%20Views%20one%20time%20setup%20%24497′ ]NEW – Gold YouTube Video plan 1500 and 500 FREE BONUS[/ss_product]






$ 99.95 (per month + $497 one time set-up)

[ss_product id=’110ecc9c-ede9-11e4-ac62-04012fe20a01′ sku=’500%20YouTube%20Videos%20%2B%20Manage%20account%20monthly%20setup%20%24497′ ]Web Videos with YouTube – Silver – Monthly-500 YouTube Views + 200 FREE[/ss_product]