2016 is here..

As 2015 comes to a close I would like to personally thank you so much for making this year the best year we've ever had.  We have helped more businesses - than ever - grow with video.

How have we done that? For a quick demonstration, just go to Google.com and type in the following words (the same words research has shown a typical customer will type into when checking out a business “Name - City - Reviews”)

“natures odor & germ control portland reviews”


“Aprofitableday.com Lake Oswego Reviews”.

Notice how many video thumbnails show on the first page. These are NOT paid ads, but Google natural placement positions. When a typical customer/prospect sees this, what do they do?  They call your business. Yes, your business! Provided we help you over the next 12 months to establish a commanding presence on Google and Youtube !

Because we have done business with you, we would like to make you the following offer:

We started advertising last year, for several businesses on a monthly basis. This video ads run on the Google network, both on Google and Youtube. This ads on the google/youtube network cover 80% of all computers logged on the internet. This includes both in-stream (before your video plays) and in-display ads (these are on the side next to your video). Youtube is now the second largest search engine thanks to video.  With over a billion users in 2015, 2016 will even be a larger audience.

This has proven to be a fabulous way to attract NEW clients/customers. If you are not familiar with how this works, you can learn more here (Click to our 5 Star Plans) (https://aprofitableday.com/5-star-review-of-your-business/) . Just tell us the demographic of the type of customer you want to do business with:  Their age range, male/female, zip code or city, time of day to run,  etc, then we set everything up and manage the ads for you. What is really exciting is that these are geared for the small business advertising with plans starting at  $ 99.95 per month. This provides you with a minimum of 500 Video ads per month. We manage your ad and provide you a complete analytical report at the beginning of the following month which includes: How many people watched your ad, their demographic info, how many clicks to your web site, etc. For a complete listing of all the reports we provide (Click here). (https://aprofitableday.com/join/) We have a Gold Plan 2000 Video  Ads or a
Platinum Plan 4000 Video  Ads to (you tell us which video to run or we can create another video for you for an extra charge).


This includes all of the things we do in Plan A, plus we create 12  5 Star Review Videos for you ; One per month over the next 12 months.  This, combined with the power of 500 Youtube Video Ads, will create a powerful online presence for you  at an affordable cost.  As an added bonus to this plan we are adding our 24 hour a day monitoring system. We monitor ALL reviews and anything someone would post about your business online in over 70 online directories. Whatever is said about your company on the internet - good or bad - you will know within hours.  (Just type in the instructions when choosing plan B - FREE MONITORING - a $300 value)

If you have any questions on this, please contact me below. This offer is good through January 2, 2016. (Allow us 72 hours to get everything set up)

Thanks again!


Tom Brooks

Video Producer