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Advertising has changed drastically in the last decade.  When a small business wanted to get it message to current or prospective customers, it relied on newspaper, radio and TV.

Today, thanks to the internet, it has YouTube and Facebook to spread the message. You can pinpoint your audience very easily – age – gender – area and more.

We create easy to understand business video commercials. Very economically and fast delivery. Here are some examples. Contact us today for a quote and let’s get started bringing you new clients!



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Did you rig this listing with Google?

I get this several times a week – So how much are you paying google to have all those thumbnail Videos on the front page ? The answer is…Zero Nothing – not a dime. I have been a big Google fan since Feb 2002. That’s when I opened my Google AdWords account. The pay per click was a big, big deal. It’s how I built my former online business from NO customers served to over 36,000 in around 10 years – over $7 million in sales – spending over $ 525,000 in pay per click with Google. Selling business checks and tax forms in my prior business (you may or may not of heard of it: ExpressChecks.com/ExpressTaxForms.com). As one of Google’s earlier advertisers, (I am advertiser 6450) they used to send nice gifts at Christmas. One…

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October 2, 2016 |

5 Star Review – Will your customer tell you?

  Every company wants more 5 Star Reviews. The best advertisement in the world is a happy customer telling someone else about your business. With recent changes a google it has been a little more difficult to obtain one from your customer. We have a simple system, connected up to Google, that makes it easy for your customer and best of all it’s FREE. Go to our we page: (Aprofitableday.com) Type in your company name – This is connected to Google where 95% of all US Businesses are listed. 2) It will generate a link (I use the short 5 Star Link) which when clicked we bring up a box where your customer can type and post instantly a review on your business. 3) That’s it. Nothing more to do ! So the way to…

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September 23, 2016 |
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