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Advertising has changed drastically in the last decade.  When a small business wanted to get it message to current or prospective customers, it relied on newspaper, radio and TV.

Today, thanks to the internet, it has YouTube and Facebook to spread the message. You can pinpoint your audience very easily – age – gender – area and more.

We create easy to understand business video commercials. Very economically and fast delivery. Here are some examples. Contact us today for a quote and let’s get started bringing you new clients! Learn more – (Click Here)





Do you ever “Google” your Business ?? – Your New Customer do….

New customers look on the internet everyday for your business – Google keeps track of it. Take a test on google now: Type in:  “Your Company Name Here” Reviews This is what others see about your business. Below is ours (We are a very small company) and yet we have a few hundred that looked us up on Google in December and found us. When you think of your business and people see you listed with Google – What do you think New customers do when comparing you to the competition? We can help you with Google to look good.  Try this one – Type in our Name and Reviews into Google:   “Aprofitableday Reviews” You will see several Video Thumbnails – This is how we get traffic. (NOT PAID positions either) We can create…

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January 15, 2018 |

5 Star Review Videos bring in New Customers who look for you online

Why is your online Reputation so important? Building a great reputation is very important. With Google keeping track of all testimonial reviews and giving your company a”Score” based on what your reviews are scored at, from 1-5. Take a minute now to go onto Google and see how you compare to the competition – What most people type in to check you out is:  Company name City Reviews.  Try Us – In fact you don’t even need the city:  Into Google.com type: ” Aprofitableday.com Reviews “. With us, you should see Video thumbnails on the left side of your screen. Those are all “Organic Listings” other words, Not a paid position. This took time – not overnight. By consistently submitting on a monthly basis a 5 Star Customer review, with have built our reputation.  You…

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September 30, 2017 |
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