YouTube Video ads provide the power of selecting the correct audience – Demographic & Reach

If you currently advertise on radio, TV, Cable TV and newspaper, I have a question for you:

Where do you believe your customers are spending more and more of their time?

With YouTube Video ads you are able to actually set the type of audience that meets your business demographics and reach.

Here are some interesting facts regarding being on the internet – YouTube specifically:



So how can you benefit from NEW customers/prospects on the internet.

The best vehicle – and most cost efficient – is through YouTube Video Ads.

Here is why –

Cost per click/view is Very low – Low Competition

Availability is very high – sometimes as high as 80% depending on location and key words/phrases selected

cost per

Your commercials run on the

Network serached



You select your budget by day:




Choose by city, state or even zip code where to run your ads:



We provide reports – How Long did viewers watch your video ? What % ?

view rate


What type of device did your viewers watch your video on: ?



What did it cost per viewer and % ?


Tell me age of people watching my video: ?


Gender of viewers ?

Video ran before what other videos: ?


Setting my own targeting: ?


We can tell you what country your video was watched in and for how long: (through Google Analytics)   and  Audience retention rate:



viewby state







By now you are probably surprised at the capabilities and opportunities for advertising on the internet with YouTube Video ads.

We would be glad to help put together a monthly plan for you to capture more market share, customers and a loyal following to your business.