5 Star Reviews – Need to be Marketed

Your company has 100 Google 5 Star Reviews and your competitor down the street has 10 – 5 Star Reviews – So What! Unless your prospect is looking on Google and comparing the number, it means nothing – The real “gold in them hills” is being able to market those reviews on all of Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, your website, etc. and of course Google My Business.

All of those are important but one that I want to showcase is your website. Question: How much money do you spend on your website every month? How many visitors do you get every month? Every visitor that comes to your website you should be showing your 5 Star Reviews to them – Not on a static page but a floating image in the bottom left or right side of your screen. The review should show for about 10-15 seconds then rotate to another review – All reviews Google, Yelp, etc. The review should be out of the way and not obnoxious but still able to grab the attention of ALL visitors as they look through your website. To see what I mean go to our website for 1 minute. You will notice a slight delay on the reviews as they appear, again not to be “in your face” but gradually get your attention. While you’re on this site grab a FREE 21 Page booklet to help you get more ideas: http://aprofitableday.com/guide