4 Basic Linkedin Tips to Stay Connected

So how does a local business person leverage the power of Linkedin marketing to get more customers. A few ideas to consider:

1) Always check to see who has viewed your profile. Check them out too. Good fit send them an invitation to connect.
2) Everyone that does send you a connection request or you connect on your own through invitation, make sure you send them a quick “thankyou
for your connection”. Try and include a personal message – a line or tow – about yourself. Once you are connected go to their profile and
give them an endorsement.
3) Write it on your calendar (Or enter it on your calendar) do an update every week. Very similar to Facebook’s Newsfeed. At least once a week.
You know that old slogan “out of sight – out of mind”. Well, that definitely applies here and is easy to overcome. Either your own
information or share about somebody else.
4) Are you connected with EVERY customer you do business with today. Every week go through your list of customers or even prospects and send
them an invite to get connected.

Video Version: https://youtu.be/_XHPqe3DfbM