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PaperHost – web-based, online, full-service, document management software provider

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http://www.paperhost.com/ Paperhost.com after perfecting their craft, PaperHost now focuses all of their energy on making service as feature-rich and powerful as any in-house document management solution. They are able to spread our cost over their entire client base making PaperHost a more cost-effective way for our clients to meet their security goals while providing their employees and customers with a fast and versatile way to access documents. With 25+ years of experience, PaperHost leads the outsourced document management industry. They allow companies to remain focused on their own core competencies instead of building complex, capital intensive in-house alternatives. Their pay-as-you-go model produces an attractive ROI even in the first month of use. PaperHost clients understand the benefits of off-loading their document management and document hosting requirements to a company that is driven to deliver a fast, reliable and secure online platform for the management of their most valuable business documents.





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