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  • 11850 N Center Ave. # 135 Portland, OR 97217-8100
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http://www.nogc.com We are Sheryl Jay and Ron Lobdell, manufacturer and sales of dba N.O.G.C., Inc., a thirty year old company dedicated to helping you clean and deodorize your home, kennel, automobile or camper anywhere you spend time, along with helping you keep your pets’ odor free.

Thanks to our wonderful customers and friends that have helped us along the way, this is the only way we have stayed in business for thirty years.

It is so nice to be able to help our customers, for them to be able to keep their pets, to give their pet a better life style and make life simpler for us all.

Sheryl works with chemically sensitive people a lot, and that is such a pleasure. I guess the way to put it, our customers become our friends and we want to hear from them, with their questions and comments.

Our realtor with Stan Wiley, seen our products work in the home we bought with cat pee in the sub flooring after the carpet was removed. When he went back to his office and told about the products, Stan Wiley’s office manager wanted Ron to be a part of their next weekly meeting and show the demo with the household ammonia. Product was sold on the spot after the meeting.

Paulson’s Floor Coverings in Gresham, Oregon started ordering our product, to sell to their customers.

We found there was more and more demand for odor control, and moved more into providing that service.

More and more people have pets, and need the odorless odor control, people are getting away from using chemicals, so they are interested in our product because it is all natural, not a chemical. The demo with the household ammonia in one’s hand, is what built this business for many years. Urine vitalize to ammonia, so if a product won’t get rid of ammonia on your hand, it sure won’t work in the carpet or anywhere else.

We became interested in doing Trade Shows, so we went to seminars put on by M&M Productions, how to prepare for a Home Improvement Show.


Our first big show and The Oregonian wrote (Martha Allen) a nice article two companies with the same goal – to eliminate bad odors. People came to the show with article in hand and wanted to see our demo. We had no idea how much our products and instructions was needed to Completely Eliminate Odor, don’t just cover it up!

11850 N Center Ave. # 135
Portland, OR 97217-8100





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