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Country Meats Smoked Snacks for Fundraising 35th year in business

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http://countrymeats.com Country Meats remembers way back in the late 1970’s the founder Jerry Geatches had a dream. He wanted to be in the meat business. He retrofit their families barn into a meat cutting operation with his bare hands. Burning the midnight oil he forged a business based on service and fairness. At the start they farm butchered beef and hogs and custom cut and wrapped them for folk’s freezers. It was tuff sledding and not much fun.
In 2013 they are celebrating our 35th year in the meat business. They have shipped over 63 million smoked snacks, all for fundraising. They have added two brand new flavors making the total offered 16 flavors!


Now the fun part:
Using your imagination you can brainstorm with your kids and choose some location ideas
Like these:
Approach a local business that supports your organization. A business you know well and wouldn’t mind putting out the box for your group.
Parents are your goldmine! A well placed box at a supportive parents business or job may just keep your cash register ringing.

Alumni or past super student, need I say more?

The idea behind the remote sales box is simple and profitable. Once your location(s) are established assign some students to check on the boxes to collect money and reload sticks on a periodic basis that works for you. (Compared to taking half a Saturday to wash cars this will seem like a picnic)

At first, keep it simple. Test the waters. Remember people want to help the kids. This is a way to let them and at the same time they will get smoked snacks like they have never tasted! You’ll get people who will buy you out of house and home and your group will be hauling in the big money.






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