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Why a Business Directory ?

Over two years ago I started a business directory of companies I had done business with in the past, with the idea that we would advertise their business on google and recognize successful businesses that are well established in the community.


“Our business customers have been looking for a New cost effective  way to bring in New customers to their businesses – Google/YouTube Video ads is the answer!” –  Tom Brooks, founder of AprofitableDay.com

 Learn More about our 5 Star Review Videos – examples and more: (Click Here) 


My website is AprofitableDay.com.

We currently have several hundred businesses listed in the United States.  All types of businesses – large and small. (Our YouTube Channel just added its 1000th Video)

Being listed in this directory provides a video on your business, and a “Today’s Recommended Business” award as well. We create a short promo, usually around 45 seconds, on your business along with your contact info.

By being listed in our directory, it provides a third party recommendation of your business, which is helpful to new customers in making a business selection.

We wanted to show this to you in hopes that you will want to be in our directory. We would provide you with monthly viewership stats from Google. These show how many people watched your video and amount of time spent and other stats. We would like prospects who are interested in you, to be able to click to your website directly. Youtube and Google need your ok in order to do that. We would simply send a code to you to place on your site. We generally suggest a “Landing page” (a special page set-up for our clicks only). That way you can see if this is producing good prospects or customers to your business.

Our “Today’s Recommended Business” runs monthly and membership is only $39.95  for 100 Video Playbacks Qualified Prospects or  $99.95 for over 300 – (setup fee is $499.95  This includes creating commercial &  First Month 1 zip code advertising) –  In addition, we are also including running 100 YouTube Video ads with your membership.  By joining you tell us what zip code (codes) you would like your ad to run in.


  • Being listed in our Directory we create a short approx. 40 Second Commercial about your business

  • Place your commercial on the Google/YouTube Network – Covering 80%+ of all businesses connected to the internet.

  • Provide a third party recommendation – (Us) of your business.

  • Provided monthly reports, how many Video Plays, ages, days of the week, gender, etc.

  • Can provide you a copy (Additional charge) of “Today’s Recommended Business” commercial to play on Facebook, Linkedin, etc. – you would own it – royalty free.




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 Learn More about our 5 Star Review Videos – examples and more: (Click Here) 



This is Power – Showing all Viewers of your ad – Demographic, area time watched, etc.

  1. How many Impressions your ad made compared to how many actual Views of the video.
  2. Audience Retention – How long did your ad get watched 25 – 50 – 75 or 100% of the time.
  3. Demographic age of actual viewers that watched  your ad.
  4. Video ad watched on Mobile – Tablet or Desktop
  5. Shows the zip code area your ad plays in on the a map.
  6. Day of the week and hour of the day your ad was viewed most – Light to dark for more.




 Learn More about our 5 Star Review Videos – examples and more: (Click Here) 



We have two ways to Join –

  1. By a 5 Star Review Video  $299 for 30 Days of Advertising  (Approx 100 Ads on Google)





2) We Custom Create a Video – samples Above  (Includes  200 Video Ads on Google)


So what we do is produce, optimize, upload to YouTube and manage business web videos.  YouTube makes provides the reach and frequency to get your advertising message to your customers/clients.

Reach new customers clients with YouTube Video ads (See above)

  1. Aim your ads by a number of demographics – age
  2. Where available aim your ads – male or female
  3. Choose your location, by zip code.
  4. YouTube has the reach and demographic for your business customers
  5. Monthly reports show where your ad runs.



A sample of our 40-50 Sec Video Commercials we produce for you and run on the Google/YouTube Network:





 Learn More about our 5 Star Review Videos – examples and more: (Click Here) 








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