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Do you ever “Google” your Business ?? – Your New Customer do….

New customers look on the internet everyday for your business – Google keeps track of it. Take a test on google now: Type in:  “Your Company Name Here” Reviews This is what others see about your business. Below is ours (We are a very small company) and yet we have a few hundred that looked us up on Google in December and found us. When you think of your business and people see you listed with Google – What do you think New customers do when comparing you to the competition? We can help you with Google to look good.  Try this one – Type in our Name and Reviews into Google:   “Aprofitableday Reviews” You will see several Video Thumbnails – This is how we get traffic. (NOT PAID positions either) We can create…
January 15, 2018 |

5 Star Review Videos bring in New Customers who look for you online

Why is your online Reputation so important? Building a great reputation is very important. With Google keeping track of all testimonial reviews and giving your company a”Score” based on what your reviews are scored at, from 1-5. Take a minute now to go onto Google and see how you compare to the competition – What most people type in to check you out is:  Company name City Reviews.  Try Us – In fact you don’t even need the city:  Into Google.com type: ” Aprofitableday.com Reviews “. With us, you should see Video thumbnails on the left side of your screen. Those are all “Organic Listings” other words, Not a paid position. This took time – not overnight. By consistently submitting on a monthly basis a 5 Star Customer review, with have built our reputation.  You…
September 30, 2017 |

Google Video Ads bring New Customers to your business

Maximize Your Understanding by Knowing where every Advertising Dollar you spend with Your Google Adwords Report. In the Time Frame you Selected – How Many Impressions Versus How many people actually Watched your ad with View Rate % Did your ad run in Stream or Discover How about Audience Retention – What percentage of the viewers watched 25% of Verses 100% of the Video The Demographic Range of the viewer is broken down by these age ranges The Type of Device your Video Ad was watched on. – Mobile Phone – Tablet or Desktop Computer Locations your ad runs in – Google Does an Excellent Job with this Breakdown By color Percentage – Light to Dark what Day of the week and even Hour of the day your Ad was viewed most… Understanding where your…
August 26, 2017 |

Google has your number – Have you checked lately?

Do you ever run a report on your business in Google, to see how many of your potential customers/patients/clients type in your name or type in your business category to see if people are searching for you?   A) First see the chart below for Average Monthly over the last 12 months search volume. People are looking for your business on line.   B) Now that you know people are looking you up – How do you compare in number of reviews (5 Star Preferred) and what is your “Online” score  assigned by google, based on your average review. To find your specific business, most people type the following:  “Business Name – City – Reviews”   Take action,  once you see your score.  The best way to do this is have a system that asks…
June 22, 2017 |

Did you rig this listing with Google?

I get this several times a week – So how much are you paying google to have all those thumbnail Videos on the front page ? The answer is…Zero Nothing – not a dime. I have been a big Google fan since Feb 2002. That’s when I opened my Google AdWords account. The pay per click was a big, big deal. It’s how I built my former online business from NO customers served to over 36,000 in around 10 years – over $7 million in sales – spending over $ 525,000 in pay per click with Google. Selling business checks and tax forms in my prior business (you may or may not of heard of it: ExpressChecks.com/ExpressTaxForms.com). As one of Google’s earlier advertisers, (I am advertiser 6450) they used to send nice gifts at Christmas. One…
October 2, 2016 |

5 Star Review – Will your customer tell you?

  Every company wants more 5 Star Reviews. The best advertisement in the world is a happy customer telling someone else about your business. With recent changes a google it has been a little more difficult to obtain one from your customer. We have a simple system, connected up to Google, that makes it easy for your customer and best of all it’s FREE. Go to our we page: (Aprofitableday.com) Type in your company name – This is connected to Google where 95% of all US Businesses are listed. 2) It will generate a link (I use the short 5 Star Link) which when clicked we bring up a box where your customer can type and post instantly a review on your business. 3) That’s it. Nothing more to do ! So the way to…
September 23, 2016 |

4 Basic Linkedin Tips to Stay Connected

So how does a local business person leverage the power of Linkedin marketing to get more customers. A few ideas to consider: 1) Always check to see who has viewed your profile. Check them out too. Good fit send them an invitation to connect. 2) Everyone that does send you a connection request or you connect on your own through invitation, make sure you send them a quick “thankyou for your connection”. Try and include a personal message – a line or tow – about yourself. Once you are connected go to their profile and give them an endorsement. 3) Write it on your calendar (Or enter it on your calendar) do an update every week. Very similar to Facebook’s Newsfeed. At least once a week. You know that old slogan “out of sight –…
September 13, 2016 |

Why customer Testimonials work ?

  A testimonial is very important part to building and growing your business. It is also the least expensive form of advertising. Providing the viewer a verifiable sincere testimonial is extremely powerful in building your company’s “good will”. Obviously, people want to make the correct choice in purchasing a product/service and a testimonial helps to guide them to the correct decision. Outside of a personal friend recommending you and your business, the third party testimonial is the next best thing in building trust. In these “new” days of our internet communication, asking for a testimonial and having your customer provide it, is extremely simple to do. (Granted, not everyone will provide a testimonial, but the simpler you make it for them to create, the higher the percentage of people will provide one) Here are three…
September 5, 2016 |

Are customers looking for your Products/Services online?

  It is surprising the number of people, that don’t believe customers/prospects are looking for their product/service on the internet. Google.com keeps track of every word and/or phrase that is typed in their search results. The above chart shows some great examples. Most people when searching for a service or product will type the product/service first, followed by the name of the nearest city to them. If you have a Google Adwords account you have access to the same information, just look under the heading title “Keyword Planner”. Type in as many different phrases/keywords your prospect customer/client will be typing in, followed by your city. “Dentist New York”, “Carpet cleaning Philadelphia”, or “Pest control Dallas” – which averages 880 times per month. (Question: Of the 880 people who typed in “Pest Control Dallas” How many…
July 25, 2016 |
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